Pink Belt Kickboxing YogaFlow ICP

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PBKB YogaFlow – Instructor Coaching Programme (ICP)

The Pink Belt Kickboxing Yoga Flow Programme, has been specifically designed to compliment both the Official Empowerment Programme and the Group Exercise (GrX) Programme in addition to being a stand alone practice.

We’ve selected precise movements that target tight and dysfunctional bodies to regain harmony and homeostasis; and what makes this really awesome?… is the flows that we’ve created, aid in the development of kickboxing specific muscles with mind and body synchronicity.

It’ll help unwind tight hips, it’ll help with aches & pains and if you do this straight after a PBKB GrX Class, in addition to the cathartic feeling of hitting the pads, it’ll help unwind the mind.

The coach receives full training with 6 weeks of online material prior to the day. There is an online portal loaded with videos and example flows, they’ll have a full manual with images, teaching cues, set up, basic flows, advanced tips and framework to create their own flows. They will also receive the first starter flows via the Online Coaching Portal’s subscription service. 

Course Overview:

The Aim of PBKB YF-ICP is to develop an understanding of the various practical exercises, movements & flows  that are used in the Official PinkBelt Kickboxing Yoga Flow Programme.

Objectives :      By the end of the course attendees should be able to:

  1. Understand the complete process of the Official PinkBelt Kickboxing Yoga Flow Programme.
  2. Demonstrate competent techniques for the flows used in the Official Programme
  3. Understand the session break down for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced flows.
  4. Safely and effectively use the coaching cues and positions used in the official programme.
  5. Demonstrate competent ability to teach and train groups of various abilities and fitness levels using the Official PinkBelt Kickboxing Yoga Flow Programme. 


Theoretical:      Completion of 40 Multiple Choice Questions Online.

Practical:          Competent demonstration of Yoga Flow Group Session Delivery



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