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What is Pink Belt Kickboxing?

Pink Belt Kickboxing

is a unique, women only kickboxing initiative centred around empowerment.

Pink Belt…

Not just something you wear, it’s something you become.

This exclusive concept comes in the form of an intensive 1-2-1 programme.

Over a 12 week journey to achieving your Pink Belt, you will learn Martial Art’s skills, self defence, improve your fitness beyond expectations, improve your confidence, change your body shape, decrease your stress levels, increase your energy levels, feel great, look great, make friends and more importantly, you’ll be able to say, I’m in control“.

Pink Belt Kickboxing GrX

(Group Exercise)

 The Pink Belt Kickboxing GrX programme was created by demand so that you can find a class in your local gym, health club or fitness centre. We even have instructors working independently from Village Halls and alike.

Become a Coach

 Help us empower women all over the world.

Help us help them to build confidence, strength, skill…. to Take Control.

Become a Level 1 Coach?

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Become a Level 2 Coach?

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Ever wanted to work for yourself?


We have a specialist team to take you through every step of the way to opening your very own Pink Belt Kickboxing Epowerment Studio.


We’re here to support as you start, run & grow your own business, simply by helping empower more and more women!


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