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“The PinkBelt Kickboxing GrX programme is a precursor to the
Main, Official PinkBelt Empowerment Programme.”

Think of it as a safe, friendly introduction to kickboxing without the fear of getting hit.

This is a women only, fitness based, group friendly version of the 1-2-1 program and what we mean by this, is we’ve taken out certain defence drills and sparring so it’s safe for large groups in a fitness / gym / studio environment. 

You will learn the basics of punching and how to throw certain punches. You will learn the basics of kicking and how to throw certain kicks. You will work with a partner and learn to hold the pads for each other and, oh yeah, you’ll sweat…. lots!

I know you’re thinking “it’s probably the same as other fitness classes using pads” but trust me, this isn’t your typical ‘boxercise’ or ‘body combat’ or even ‘pad work’ fitness class. This programme has been developed to introduce you to, and integrate you with, Kickboxing as a Martial Art. This is the first step in a series with Pink Belt that can offer you a chance to become a graded, licensed kick boxer. This is THE ONLY programme to offer this. We’ve even had people finish the PinkBelt journey and make steps towards a black belt. 

Depending on where you are and the instructor in your area, you can find it as a bootcamp type programme where you can pay a fee for a set number of weeks as the ‘Beginner PinkBelt GrX Bootcamp’. Once the beginner camp is done, you can do the Intermediate camp for a further block and then even the advanced block after this. If you don’t feel ready to jump up to the next level, that’s totally fine, you can repeat the last block that you did. 

Some instructors simply run this as a timetables class. Meaning you can drop into it on a session by session basis. You can even find it on a timetable in some gyms and health clubs.

Female only Classes
Learn the basics
Padwork for fitness

Get in touch with your local gym today and see if they’re running the PinkBelt Kickboxing Group Exercise Programme and/or get in touch with us to see if there any any instructors in your area. If you know of any instructors you’d think would be awesome and you’d like to see running this programme, get them to drop us a line because we’re always looking for good people!


GRX Sessions in a nutshell

Each GrX Class is 60 mins in duration. Its broken down into 50/50 or practice and application.

The application is awesome. It’s our trademarked Mod:Tab Protocol. An exciting, unique HIIT format with a partner and pads!

You. WILL. Sweat!

Our GRX Coaching Team

Our GRX Coaches are officially known as Level 1 Coaches. They are all fully qualified in the fitness industry, they’ve completed our comprehensive ICP, Instructor Coaching Programme and have delivered the GrX sessions to meet our high standards of group exercise delivery.

You’re in good, safe hands.

Differences between GRX & Empowerment Programme

The GRX Programme was introduced after (3 years) we created the Empowerment Programme. We stripped the EP back and removed the contact elements to enable safe, effective delivery for Fitness Professionals who aren’t long serving Martial Artists (like our Empowerment Programme Coaches) in a health club / gym studio setting. Contact here, means actial glove to face impact. Specialist coaches,Level 2, can teach this as part of the Empowerment Programme.

Introduction to Kickboxing For Fitness

Is the underpinning aim of this programme. You will learn skill. You will develop confidence and you will definitely want to get your PINK BELT with the Empowerment Programme after the GRX Classes!


The Empowerment Programme’s structure is based upon a nationally recognised Kickboxing Syllabus with UMAT (affiliated to WAKO). Our Pink Belt represents their pathway to Intermediate Syllabus.
Please note, there isn’t a Pink Belt in  UMAT or any other Martial Arts’ Syllabus ranking system as it is unique & exclusive to the empowerment programme alone (which is really cool as only people enrolled with us will earn one).


Each session last approximately 60 mins and are quite intense depending on how much you put into them.

Our coaches are there to teach and motivate. You’ll build the intensity gradually and move forward when you’re ready.

There;s sweat, fun, social interaction and this programme completely busts the sresss out of the day!


Love it! Have taken part a few sessions under the guidance of Simon Caddy and each one has been excellent. I’ve felt energised and empowered; as well as feeling like I’ve had a great workout.

Had zero experience of kickboxing previously and was slightly apprehensive that I would be out of my depth as a beginner. The style and format of each session allows for you build in stages, working on technique as you go and the inclusion of familiar cardio moves allow for you to ease into each session as you build up to the combination moves.

Best part about each session – feeling like I’ve released my inner rage! Always feel calmer, more relaxed and totally energised afterwards! Highly recommend

Debbie Jones

South Wales

“All I can say is, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done… 

 It’s not only about my fitness levels increasing but the confidence it gave me made a huge difference in my day to day life.I literally felt like I could take on the world!!! (No fighting involved though!!)  

My coach had so much patience and always made me push myself as she knew I could do it, hence me then going on to obtaining my purple belt and competing in a real kickboxing tournament to take 2nd place!!”

Nichola Hatcher

Care Worker



The GRX Coach.

Entry level qualification that will enable delivery of the official GRX Programme.




The Empowerment Coach.

Higher Skill Qualification enabling the coach to deliver the Empowerment Programme and the GRX Programme.



Highest Tier Qualification enabling the coach to deliver the GRX Programme, the Empowerment Programme and the Self Defence Programme.




This specialist qualification is a complimentary certification to deliver the Pink Belt Kickboxing YogaFlow Programme. It’s in addition to the L1,L2,L3 Course OR as a stand alone qualification.



The original, unique, 12 week immersive programme where you can EARN your belt!


A fitness friendly, non contact version of the empowerment programme


Learn to spot potential threats, understand the law & utilise physicality if necessary


Designed to develop kickboxing specific muscles with mind & body synchronicity

Don’t Wait Any Longer.
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