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Pink Belt Kickboxing, Q&A.

What is Pink Belt Kickboxing?

Pink belt kickboxing is a female only empowerment programme through the medium of martial arts, specifically kickboxing. 

The aim is to improve self confidence and self belief through learning and applying awesome Martial Arts skills.

You WILL be a legitimate, confident kick boxer after the Empowerment Programme.

Will I get hurt?

Absolutely not. Your coach may though haha. Coaches have to teach you to not be afraid to hit someone in a controlled environment and it starts with them.

Why Kickboxing to build confidence?

We chose kickboxing due to its fluid nature. It’s ease of movement makes the techniques easy to learn for any person’s biomechanics, even with restrictions. We’ve had people achieve their belt with fused vertebrae in their spine and steel rods in their hips.

Martial Arts is an amazing confidence builder. It’s an expression of oneself through combative movements. Even if it’s never fully applied is such a situation, the skills you develop for the tools you have change you at the core.


How do I get a Pink Belt?

You need to enrol onto the Official Pink Belt Kickboxing Empowerment Programme. Only on completion of this programme will you obtain the belt.

If you are told that you can obtain a Pink Belt from an exercise class, even someone saying it’s a Pink Belt kickboxing Group Exercise class, you’ve been miss sold the truth.

Only through the Empowerment Programme with a Level 2 coach can this be achieved.

Is the Pink Belt recognised in Kickboxing?

The actual Pink Belt in Kickboxing is unique to this Empowerment Programme. By technical standard, the Pink Belt is the exact equivalent of a yellow belt recognised by a Kickboxing awarding body. 

Upon completion of our programme, there are various options for progress. One of which is to continue grading for a black belt through conventional methods. If theirs is what a graduate chooses, we retest the individual and offer them a full licence as a yellow belt kickboxer, integrate them into a registered club so that they continue their study and practice of kickboxing.

What is the Empowerment Programme?

The Empowerment Programme is a 12 week kickboxing programme performed one2one with a PBKB Level 2 Coach.

It’s progression is featured over 4 phases,

1- Striking

2- Defending

3- Advanced Training Techniques

4- Sticking it all together, becoming a kickboxer.

It’s part live and part online. The live part is a 121 training session lasting around 60-80 minutes with your coach per week. You learn to punch, kick, block, evade, move and build actual fidgeting technique and skill. Our coaches are highly skilled in developing you the way that you develop. It’s tailored to you, specifically you.

The online part is home study, home practice and even home workouts to follow via your profile on the portal. When you reach a certain level of progress through the training, you will unlock the secrets to nutrition by way of a guide to follow for the remainder of the programme. It’s all a method to help you gain control over every aspect of your health for your mind and body.

What is the GrX Programme?

The PinkBelt Kickboxing GrX programme is a precursor to the Main, Official PinkBelt Empowerment Programme. This is a women only, fitness based, group friendly version of the 1-2-1 program and what we mean by this, is we’ve taken out certain defence drills and sparring so it’s safe for large groups in a fitness / gym / studio environment. Think of it as a safe, friendly introduction to kickboxing without the fear of getting hit.

You will learn the basics of punching and how to throw certain punches. You will learn the basics of kicking and how to throw certain kicks. You will work with a partner and learn to hold the pads for each other and, oh yeah, you’ll sweat…. lots!

I know you’re thinking “it’s probably the same as other fitness classes using pads” but trust me, this isn’t your typical ‘boxercise’ or ‘body combat’ or even ‘pad work’ fitness class. This programme has been developed to introduce you to, and integrate you with, Kickboxing as a Martial Art. This is the first step in a series with Pink Belt that can offer you a chance to become a graded, licensed kick boxer. This is THE ONLY programme to offer this. We’ve even had people finish the PinkBelt journey and make steps towards a black belt!

Our instructors are all fully qualified in the fitness industry, they’ve completed our instructor programme and delivered the GrX sessions to meet our high standards of group exercise delivery. You’re in good, safe hands. 

Depending on where you are and the instructor in your area, you can find it as a bootcamp type programme where you can pay a fee for a set number of weeks as the ‘Beginner PinkBelt GrX Bootcamp’. Once the beginner camp is done, you can do the Intermediate camp for a further block and then even the advanced block after this. If you don’t feel ready to jump up to the next level, that’s totally fine, you can repeat the last block that you did. 

Some instructors simply run this as a timetables class. Meaning you can drop into it on a session by session basis. You can even find it on a timetable in some gyms and health clubs.

Get in touch with your local gym today and see if they’re running the PinkBelt Kickboxing Group Exercise Programme and/or get in touch with us to see if there any any instructors in your area. If you know of any instructors you’d think would be awesome and you’d like to see running this programme, get them to drop us a line because we’re always looking for good people!


What happens when I get my Pink Belt?

Our Pink Belt has exit strategies for you. It shouldn’t just end when you put that belt around your waist, in fact, it should just be the beginning. 

Our strategies include the following:

  1. Allow us to retest you as a yellow belt kickboxer with the techniques you’ve learned and find you a reputable, registered club in your area with a Qualified Black Belt so that you can continue your learning and study of Kickboxing. You should have the necessary skills to develop yourself and work toward attaining a black belt one day. Many people that choose this option and are averaging a green or blue belt within a couple of years of completion .
  2. Enjoy the success of reaching your goal of finishing the Empowerment Programme and simply join in your local PBKB GrX Advanced class to keep a hold of and even improve on your new found confidence and fitness.
  3. Re-train with us as a Level 1 coach and help us spread this message of Empowerment by teaching our Group Exercise Programme and taking women on a similar journey to yours.

One of our favourite success stories is Karen. Karen was 59 when she enrolled on our Empowerment Programme. Never thrown a punch in her life, had several surgeries on her spine & knees and suffering with osteoporosis. 12 weeks later, Karen achieved her Pink Belt. She retested, got her yellow belt, found a club, got her orange belt, then her green, now her blue and is working hard on her purple belt exam.

Karen, in 2016 became a Level 1 Pink Belt coach who teaches our GrX programme you young girls in India where Karen resides 6 months of the year. Karen is 64 and retired. Kickboxing is for everyone. We simply opened Karen’s life to this wonderful world of Martial Arts.


How do I become a coach?

Our coaching courses are all listed on our website. It’s simply a case of find a course running in your area and enroll. There are a few prerequisites that you will need to prove before you are certified.

  1. Do you have Martial Arts experience? This is necessary for a L2 coach but just desirable for L1.
  2. Are you fitness industry qualified? The standards that a gym instructor / personal trainer meet follow a code of conduct that we are vigilant about maintaining.
  3. Do you have a current DBS? Necessary if you will be teaching U18s

Our L1 takes a month to complete with online learning, practical attendance days, a Theory assessment and a love practical assessment.

Our L2 takes around 3 months. Similar criteria to the above with a Case Study to submit after completion of the live assessment day.

We try our utmost to, and pride ourselves on having a team of coaches that are highly skilled, empathetic and above all nice people who care about what we’re trying to achieve with our message.


Do I need to know Martial Arts to teach this to women?

To teach the Empowerment Programme and become a Level 2 coach, yes. Or at least have 12 months experience of delivering the PBKB GrX programme and attend 2 of our progression days within that year. A progression day is 4 hours of intense training led by the Pink Belt Founders with the goal of up-skilling coaches to the next level.


To become a Level 1 coach, Martial Arts experience is not necessary. You do however need to be L2 fitness industry qualified to show you can teach people. The skills necessary to improve the fitness of someone using kickboxing techniques can be taught to you on our Level 1 Instructor Programme.

What is an ICP?

Instructor Coaching Programme. Theses are our coaching programmes that teach someone the necessary skills and strategies to deliver our programmes.

They are comprehensive in material, they are written and taught by the founder of Pink Belt Kickboxing who is an international presenter for Martial Arts and Fitness.

What's the Difference between a Level 1 and Level 2 Coach?

PBKB Level 1 Coach. This is what we call our Group Exercise Programme trainers. These are the foundations that will introduce someone into the world of Pink Belt Kickboxing and possibly Kickboxing in general. 

When a woman may be too intimidated to walk into a Dojo to improve her fitness via that ‘conventional’ mean, we offer her the most  perfect solution. Fitness, Skill, Social, progression and most importantly, a feeling of empowerment at a base level. 

A PBKB Level 1 coach is a person that will be someone’s first step into this journey. Tentatively teaching them the basic skills of punching and kicking, linking these together, holding the pads for a partner and building up their confidence as you go.


A PBKB Level 2 Coach is what we call our elite trainers. These are the people that will guide a student through the Pink Belt Kickboxing Official Empowerment Programme. Coaching can be defined as: the training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal. In this case, their Pink Belt. 

A PBKB L2 coach is a person that will be there every step of the way. From the initial meeting, every live session, will offer support via email & phone, will offer sound advice and healthy tips to enhance one’s lifestyle during and beyond the programme. 

The Coach is the highest tier in the Pink Belt System. The coach will also have the ability to deliver the GrX programme and any upcoming Programmes we are developing within this one Certification.


Is there a higher tier coach than Level 2

Yes. A Level 3 Specialist Coach. This is to teach the PBKB Self Defence seminars to women. There are only three Level 3 coaches right now (July 2018).


What is the main message of Pink Belt?

Empowerment. Self confidence and empowering yourself is the forefront of why we do what we do.  

What Charities can we donate to through our Pink Belt Programme?

Internally, the charity that we agreed on from day one was Plan UK’s Because I am a Girl.

Over the past year we have also started to look closely at donating to SafeLine UK.

Both charities are for extremely positive causes.

When you sign up to the empowerment programme, we allow for a percentage (Varies from person to person) to be donated to a charity. By default we would send to BIAAG, however, if you instruct us to send your donation do a charity that you feel strongly about, we will of course donate on your behalf to that charity.


How Do I Get Started?


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1st Session!

On session number 1 with your coach, we guarantee you will fall in love with the message of empowerment and the introduction to Kickboxing. So much that after session number 1, if you’re not happy, we will reimburse your money.

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