Pink Belt Kickboxing Level 1 ICP – Legacy

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PBKB Level 1 – Instructor Coaching Programme

Want to help empower women & teach them some awesome skills?

This is a unique opportunity to run the official Pink Belt Kickboxing Group Exercise Programme for your clients, students, friends.

The Pink Belt Kickboxing Programme(s) offer a unique opportunity for Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and any fitness levels to enrol on a kick ass journey into the world of Fitness and Martial Arts.

This Level 1, foundation course is the starting point in our academy. This will certify you, the fitness instructor, personal trainer or martial artist to deliver the Official Pink Belt Kickboxing Group Exercise (GrX) Programme to women.

The Pink Belt Kickboxing GrX Programme

The GrX programme (for your clients/members) is a women only, fitness based, group friendly version of the 1-2-1 program (taking out defence/sparring etc) so it’s safe for delivery of large groups in a fitness / gym / studio environment. This is preferred to deliver in Fitness Clubs by Fitness instructors and for individuals in local halls similar tot he way a dance teacher may hire a hall.

We’ve seen this run in various ways. Once an Instructor is qualified and paying their dues, they typically do one of the following:

  • Session by session Pay As You Go
  • Bootcamp/Block

This can be run as a bootcamp type programme where you could pack people in for a 6 week beginner PBKB GrX ‘Bootcamp’. We advise a timetable of 2 sessions per week. (all session plans are laid out for you and there are videos for you to follow in the online instructor portal*).

Once the beginner camp is done, they can do the Intermediate camp for 6 weeks and then the advanced for 6 weeks.

For this we need instructors.

The Level 1 Instructor Coaching Programme (ICP)

What the ‘instructor’ gets. A full day training with online material prior to the day. They have a full manual with images, teaching cues, pad work set up, basic drills, advanced drills and framework to create their own combinations. They will also receive the first 6 session plans. 2 beginner, 2 intermediate and 2 advanced via the Online Instructors Portal’s subscription service.

Course Overview:

The Aim of PBKB L1-ICP is to develop an understanding of the various practical exercises, movements & sessions  that are used in the Official PinkBelt Kickboxing Group Exercise Programme.

Objectives :      By the end of the course attendees should be able to:

  1. Understand the complete process of the Official PinkBelt Kickboxing Group Exercise Programme.
  2. Demonstrate competent techniques for the kicks, punches & conditioning drills used in the Official Programme
  3. Understand the session break down for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sessions.
  4. Safely and effectively use the pads for each of the strikes and drills used in the official GrX programme.
  5. Demonstrate competent ability to teach and train groups of various abilities and fitness levels using the Official PinkBelt Kickboxing Group Exercise Programme.

To see more information on what the L1 Instructor Course contains, please click here


PBKB_ICP_GrX_02_Aims & Objectives

Length: 10 minutes

Aims and Objectives of the course, a break down of Assessment Requirements and the Live Day’s timetable of what to expect.

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