Pink Belt Kickboxing Self Defence Seminar

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This is our exclusive, 3 hour intensive self defence seminar for women and girls of all ages.

There is a vast difference between Martial Arts, Martial Sports and Self Defence.

This is where we lay out those differences in online material such as law, legislation and the physiological effects such as fight or flight. Then, in our live session, we discover and practice last resort physical skills.

Co-written by PBKB Founder Marc and Level 3 Coach Russ, who is also an ex police officer with first hand experience on this topic.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct on


PBKB_SD_02 – Aims & Objectives

Length: 0 minutes

Aims and Objectives of the course, a break down of Assessment Requirements and the Live Day’s timetable of what to expect.

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