Pink Belt Kickboxing Empowerment Programme – Official


The Pink Belt Kickboxing Programme is a unique opportunity for Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and any fitness levels to enrol on a kick ass journey of empowerment & self confidence through the world of Fitness and Martial Arts.

Powered by Universal Martial Arts Training and endorsed by WAKO GB Course Director, Marc Edwards, this is a must have course and a must have item in any lady’s wardrobe….. a Pink Belt!



Kickboxing gives you REAL results. It improves your muscle tone and your cardio endurance, flexibility and balance, like nothing else. Not to mention in 1 hour it burns up to 1200 calories

Here at the PinkBelt Academy, we understand that health and happiness is as much about feeling good on the inside as getting results on the outside. We embrace both the sport and martial arts sides of Kickboxing.

You’ll have fun whilst training, become part of a community that looks forward to classes and gets drunk on endorphins (happy hormones).

As your body get stronger and fitter, feel your happiness and confidence grow.

The PinkBelt team stand a little taller and hold their heads a little higher.

Learn sharp technique and gain awesome skills in a positive, friendly environment.

Don’t be fooled though, you will be pushed hard by our Instructors (we think everyone looks their best when sweating!)

What’s stopping you?

Be Fierce…Wear a PinkBelt!

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