Confidence & Martial Arts


How many of us at one point in our lives or another have felt less than? Self-confidence is crucial to our happiness and is an elusive subject to talk about.  What causes low self-confidence, what improves it?


Exercise is widely accepted as a fundamental and successful way to improve your self-confidence. Exercise boosts endorphins, makes us feel better physically. Goal setting in exercise gives us and sense of accomplishment and achievement as we reach new milestones.  I give us something to strive for, improves our sense of purpose.  All of these things work to boost our self-confidence.  Achievement and success are huge factors in our self-confidence levels as well as physical appearance. When we exercise we get healthier and can improve our physical appearance thus improving our self-confidence.


Martial arts training can be and even more involved and rewarding as a self-confidence improving exercise.  It combines the physical activities and strength training exercise with mindfulness and spiritual practice that can have a profound effect on ones self-esteem.


Ways that Martial Arts can improve your Self-Confidence:


  • You will improve your physical health which in turn improves your mental health.
  • You develop more energy which can translate into a better mood and more positive attitude.
  • You will begin to physically look healthier. Often body image is the number one component of ones self-esteem and self-confidence issues.  Exercise will help you to be healthier and thus happier with the way you look.
  • You will gain physical strength. With physical strength comes mental strength.
  • Accomplishments in strength training can give us a sense of achievement in life.


The sense of achievement you get from exercising and learning martial arts, is paramount in boosting self-confidence.  Seeing a purpose, a point, having a goal and a use is a crucial aspect of your self-esteem equation.  Martial arts has a unique was of setting your goals, by awarding belts for new levels reached.


Exercise is also stress reliever.  It releases chemicals in the brain like dopamine and endorphins which regulate stress and are sometimes referred to as the “feel-good” chemicals in the brain.  Regular exercise relieves stress and anxiety.  It can help you calm down and have better concentration.


Martial arts is particularly good at improving self-confidence because while training your body you also train your mind. You can think of it as moving meditation, mindfulness in the moment and a way of thinking that when paired with your physical fitness you can build a self-esteem foundation that is hard to shake.

Pink Belt Kickboxing Women's Kickboxing Programme: Empower Yourself
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Pink Belt Kickboxing Women’s Kickboxing Programme: Empower Yourself

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