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Date(s) - 30/09/2017 - 01/10/2017
All Day

Fitness First Solihull


Weekend Course for both Programmes.


DAY 1:  Pink Belt Kickboxing Official Group Exercise Programme (GrX)

The GrX programme (for your clients/members) is a women only, fitness based, group friendly version of the 1-2-1 program (taking out defence/sparring etc) so it’s safe for delivery of large groups in a fitness / gym / studio environment. This is preferred to deliver in Fitness Clubs by Fitness instructors and for individuals in local halls similar tot he way a dance teacher may hire a hall.

We’ve seen this run in various ways. Once an Instructor is qualified and paying their dues, they typically do one of the following:

  • Session by session Pay As You Go
  • Bootcamp/Block

This can be run as a bootcamp type programme where you could pack people in and say (for example) its £150 per person for a 6 week beginner PBKB GrX ‘Bootcamp’. We advise a timetable of 2 sessions per week. (all session plans are laid out for you and there are videos for you to follow in the online instructor portal). Once the beginner camp is done, they can do the Intermediate camp for 6 weeks and then the advanced for 6 weeks. Saying you had 15 people sign up for the beginner block/bootcamp that’s a good 2k and theoretically they’d all progress at the same rate and move up into the intermediate block and so on for another £150 per block. I know some people have charged more for the advanced block.

For this we need instructors.

The GrX Instructor Coaching Programme (ICP)

What the ‘instructor’ gets. A full day training with online material prior to the day. They have a full manual with images, teaching cues, pad work set up, basic drills, advanced drills and framework to create their own combinations. They will also receive the first 6 session plans. 2 beginner, 2 intermediate and 2 advanced via the Online Instructors Portal’s subscription service.

Course Overview:

The Aim of PBKB GRX-ICP is to develop an understanding of the various practical exercises, movements & sessions  that are used in the Official PinkBelt Kickboxing Group Exercise Programme.

Objectives :      By the end of the course attendees should be able to:

  1. Understand the complete process of the Official PinkBelt Kickboxing Group Exercise Programme.
  2. Demonstrate competent techniques for the kicks, punches & conditioning drills used in the Official Programme
  3. Understand the session break down for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sessions.
  4. Safely and effectively use the pads for each of the strikes and drills used in the official GrX programme.
  5. Demonstrate competent ability to teach and train groups of various abilities and fitness levels using the Official PinkBelt Kickboxing Group Exercise Programme.


Theoretical:      Completion of 40 Multiple Choice Questions Online.

Practical:          Competent demonstration of selected: Strikes, Pad skills, Teaching cues, Official Session Delivery

Course Timetable:

09.00               Registration & Introduction to the GrX Instructor Coaching Programme

09:15               Theory:            Introduction to the Official PBKB GrX Programme

Understanding the methodology

10:00       Practical: Tutor to lead a PBKB GrX Session. All attendees to participate.

11.00               Break

11.15               Practical:          PBKB Warm Up

PBKB Punches & Pads

13.15               Lunch

13.45               Theory:             Understanding Sessions, Plans & Proposed Timetable(s)

14:30               Practical:          PBKB Kicks & Pads

15.30               Break

15.45               Assessments:   GrX Practical Assessment

17.00               GrX ICP Day 1 Conclusion

These must be passed before certification. Upon completion, you would be allowed to teach the Official Pink Belt Kickboxing GrX Programme, gain access to all literature, videos session plans etc via the portal, have access to trade price equipment and free refreshers & updates for the duration of your subscription (either monthly or annually).


Pink Belt Kickboxing Official Programme (121)

The one to one programme (for females, clients) is where it all started. It is a 12 week intensive training programme that will take a woman from a novice to an exclusive Pink Belt kickboxer. As much as they will learn skill, gain fitness quick, we feel that the confidence and empowerment gains from this programme outweigh the physical attributes.

We initially only had this programme but now see a trend where people enrol on the GrX programme first and then upskill to this programme with a Coach afterwards.

As you may know, there is no pink belt in Martial Arts grading systems, it’s something that we have created specifically for this programme. The end result is a parallel (in terms of skill development) to a Yellow Belt Kickboxer and can be treated as such. We have had several people finish the Pink Belt journey and continue to grade in a Kickboxing system.  We have the ability to acknowledge the Pink Belt as a Yellow Belt (in accordance with UMAT/K500’s Full Syllabus, accredited with WAKO) and the final session (number 12) of the PB Programme is a ‘mini grading’. Once they pass this, they receive, from you, their physical Pink Belt, Certificate of completion and kickboxing license (Official from WAKO) as a Yellow Belt Kickboxer. You’d request this from us prior to lesson 12 so we can arrange it for you.

This programme includes Sparring Drills, Advanced Kicks and Punches, Blocks and defence and Advanced Fitness Drills.

We have planned out all of the sessions for you to carry out as the coach. The client will purchase the programme via the pink belt website and follow the lessons through chronologically. They will have online videos and workouts to follow in the time that their away from you, there is nutrition guide involved (non compulsory but helpful) to accelerate results. At the end, they get a Certificate and Physical Pink Belt awarded to them.

The online system for the client has 12 lessons. They can’t skip through the lessons at their own will. You give them access after each live session via a special code that they must enter. For example, they can’t see the videos and plan for lesson 6 until they have completed the first 5 with you (the coach). At the end of lesson 5, you give them said code, they enter it and unlocks lesson 6’s material.

When they reach Lesson 4, their nutrition guidelines are made available. All of this will be explained in full on the Coach Training course.

So, we need Coaches for this. This is the higher tier in the Pink Belt Coaching System. A coach can offer the 121 AND the GrX Programmes. This ICP is a 2 day course with a case study at the end.

The PBKB 121 ICP

The content for day 1 is the same as the GrX above and day 2 looks like:

Course Timetable:

09.00               Registration & Introduction to the 121 Instructor Coaching Programme

09:15               Theory:            Introduction to the Official PBKB121 Programme

Understanding the methodology

11.00               Break

11.15               Practical:          Advanced Strikes: Punches, Kicks

12:15 Practical:          Defence. Blocking and Evading

13.15               Lunch

13.45               Practical:          ATT Advanced Training Techniques: Kickboxing Circuits

14:00               Practical:          Introduction to Sparring

16:00               Break

16.45               Understanding the online system.

17.00               ICP Day 2 Conclusion


Theoretical:      Completion of 40 Multiple Choice Questions Online.

Practical:          Competent demonstration of selected: Strikes, Pad skills, Teaching cues

Case Study: You will have to take a client/friend/colleague through the first 6 lessons of the Official Pink Belt Kickboxing Programme. Treat them like your test subject. This typically happens after the ICP day and you won’t be certified until this has happened.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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