What ever your age or body type, weather you’re a gym junkie or have never trained before, this programme is for you. Get empowered 

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What is PBKB

PBKB began as a women only empowerment program devised around learning skill & fitness that delivers 12 weeks of amazing workouts and an emotionally rewarding experience to powerful women, aknowledged and rewarded with a tangible Pink Belt on completion.

The fitness industry is overflowing with great workouts, but the PBKB is a cut above the rest. It is a programme that puts a great deal of focus on mental & emotional growth in addition to amazing workouts based around the foundations of Kickboxing.

Why does it work

Taking more of a mental & emotional approach, linking with physical skills, we are looking at ‘integrating’ instead of ‘isolating’. By this we mean, many personal trainers will take you solely on a physical approach to changing your body whereas we look to grow your confidence from session number 1, thus revealing a warrior from within. As the sessions go, you will develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your emotions, training, diet, learning to harness the control with each strike to the pads and defend yourself in reply to said strikes.

PBKB is a fun, friendly, functional, extremely encouraging and will personally challenge you at YOUR level. You’ll develop powerful Kickboxing skills and define a healthier, more confident you, in mind, body, and soul.

Not to forget, you will tighten your tummy, shed excess fat, sculpt your arms, burn your thighs, and kick the shhhhh……… the stress out of the day.

MIranda Nolan Kickboxing

Kickboxing! Gives you REAL results. It improves your muscle tone and your cardio endurance, flexibility and balance, like nothing else. Not to mention in 1 hour it can burn up to 1200 calories!

Here at the Pink Belt Academy, we understand that health and happiness is as much about feeling good on the inside as getting results on the outside. We embrace both the sport and martial arts sides of Kickboxing.

You’ll have fun whilst training, become part of a community that looks forward to training and gets drunk on endorphins (happy hormones).

As your body get stronger and fitter, feel your happiness and confidence grow.

The Pink Belt team stand a little taller and hold their heads a little higher.

Learn sharp technique and gain awesome skills in a positive, friendly environment.

Don’t be fooled though, you will be pushed hard by our coaches (we think everyone looks their best when sweating!)

What’s stopping you?

Be Fierce…Wear a PinkBelt!




Enrol & begin the Pinkbelt Kickboxing Programme NOW and you will never look back. We will guide and support you through 12 weeks of  the most Self – fulfilling fitness & learning experience of your life.



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